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A Bit About RSEM

R.S. Engineering is a full-service cinema dealer and equipment company specializing in high quality cinema experiences which meet DCI and SMPTE standards.  RSEM provides the highest quality equipment from manufacturer's committed to the cinema industry and brings cinemas a fully automated experience that preserves showmanship and gives customers the best experience possible. 


Some of the companies we represent: 

Dolby, Barco, NEC, GDC, QSC, Eprad, Middle Atlantic, JBL Pro, Ushio, Goldberg BrothersLTI Lighting, & Kelmar Systems.  

RSEM founder, Robert Schultz, started the company in 1995.  He started the first dot-com store for cinema equipment in the late 90's and sold 35mm equipment and audio products all over the world with over 17,000 items listed online.  Robert has over 32 years of experience in Cinemas and has done it all from cinema design, new builds, remodels, operations, maintenance, automation, training, and remote support.  RSEM also provides consulting to manufacturers on product design and testing.

R.S. Engineering & Mfg.

20617 Santa Lucia St., Suite G

Tehachapi, CA 93561


Phone:  805-440-5165

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  • Digital Cinema Integration

  • Analog & Digital Equipment Services

  • Automation Integration

  • Reduction of staff hours

  • ​Remote support

  • ​Smart phone support

  • Barco, NEC, & GDC Certified

  • Sound System Design

  • Maintenance

  • Cinema Automation

  • ​Staff Training

  • Internet security

  • Dolby Atmos Certified  


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