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  Technician Information:

     R.S. Engineering is looking for qualified people across the U.S. and around the World to provide service and install equipment.  We are currently building a list of Technicians that we would like to call upon in the event that we have service or installation needs in your area.  We are in the process adding technicians to the list, but we plan on CLOSING this list as soon as we feel that ALL areas are sufficiently covered by people who meet the bar.  

     As an equipment dealer we will provide varying degrees of support for each technician in the field, but most important, we will help to provide you with more jobs and a better cash flow.  Our technicians are expected to be self sufficient, provide their own tools, drive to each location, keep good records of service performed, maintain a positive attitude, and repair/install equipment professionally.  

     If you are interested in becoming an 'Affiliate Technician' we can also provide you with commissions from the sales you put through RSEM.  Any Technician who is added to the list can request to become an AFFILIATE.  All affiliate technicians will receive a scaled tier of commissions for their sales put through RSEM.  So even if you are an INDEPENDENT.  This program could help you get the equipment and parts you need, while possibly even providing you with more work and great pay.

     We know how important the technician is and we appreciate good work.  Thanks to all the people who are dedicated enough to this industry to hit the road.  We hope to see you on the list!

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